Blog – January 2021

New year is traditionally a time of making promises to ourselves about things that we want to change — they are often to do with self-improvement such as ‘go to the gym more’ or ‘read more books’ or the one that I have been making and failing for many years ‘eat less chocolate’.

2021 is probably the strangest new year we have had and we can perhaps be forgiven for not being too stringent on ourselves with regards worthy resolutions. In times such as these we need to just get through the day and take care of ourselves. A well-known supermarket informed us at the beginning of December that ‘there is no naughty list this year’ so I think we can also have a year off the resolutions!

It’s also a time where you seem to end up doing those tasks that often get put off, in our house this involved moving all the furniture and hoovering under the sofas when we were taking down the Christmas tree – it was not a pleasant experience at all but now it is done we can forget about it (probably until next New Year).

One area that it is important to review at least once a year is a financial healthcheck. I know the thought of this can strike fear into your heart but I promise it isn’t as scary as it sounds! We know how vital it is to check the health of our cars, boilers and suchlike — your finances and financial plans are just as important.

At Life Financial Planning this is the time of year many new clients come to us asking about whether their plans are on-track or for advice on re-evaluating their financial goals.

Peace of mind is a priceless feeling and you will set off into the New Year hopefully feeling that at least there is one essential part of your life that is under control as much as possible. To review your financial plan yourself is a really positive thing to do — however to work with an experienced financial professional to review it has many added benefits.

We can help you re-evaluate what your money is for, what you actually want to do with it, and when you want to do it by. We can help assess if you have the resources — income or assets — to achieve your goals by your chosen date? If so, can you bring this date forward at all? If not, what action can you take now or in the future to make sure you achieve them?

With our professional experience and expertise, we can help you put together your financial plan and strategies to achieve your financial objectives in 2021 and beyond.

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