About you

We help a wide range of people who struggle with many different challenges.

With our high-level service and expertise, we’re able to assist clients who are:

Looking for professional support and would like to work with someone over the long-term

Their wealth has become more significant and their situation more complex

They want us to be their personal finance officer and take away all the hassle

Want a second opinion to ensure they aren’t missing anything or making any basic errors

Are business owners and tend to have more complex situations crossing many different areas

Are those thinking about or are close to retirement and want to understand the options open to them and how it fits with the lifestyle they require


Clients tend to come to us at a crossroads in their lives, whether it’s an impending retirement, receiving a sudden windfall, or a concern over a particular issue.

They usually have typical questions and concerns about what the future holds and are looking for answers as well as the best way for them to move forward.

They have often discussed the issues with their friends and have some ideas about the options available however are “stuck” as the decision is so important to them — they do not move forward out of fear and may have put off seeking advice.

We understand seeking help is a big step. By listening and truly understanding our clients, their lives, families, and what they are looking to achieve, we can help them remove the fear of their financial future by implementing the best strategies and help them move forward in a positive way.

Through our work, we help remove the hassle and burden of their financial situation and help them to save money, tax, and — more importantly — precious time they can spend doing the things they enjoy.

Ian is extremely easy to deal with and always follows up promptly with reports and recommendations. He is also accessible and willing to meet or discuss issues as and when required. I can happily recommend him to others.

Martin, Surrey

Ian is extremely careful, diligent and considerate in executing every aspect of his work.

Anne, Watford

Ian has been my personal financial adviser for some years. He has an understated approach - there is no big sell with Ian - and he is incredibly patient.

Tanya, London

Ian has been a trusted advisor to our family for over 10 years. Through out this time he has invested time to understand us and our financial needs, and has helped us to make key decisions that continue to shape our lives for the better.

Anthony, Kent

Ian is a very effective and plain speaker. He rationalises complex planning comprehensively and thoroughly, and presents information in a friendly and constructive manner.

Stephen – Yorkshire