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Martin, Surrey


I’ve been using Ian for around six years now and have always been very satisfied with the service.

Initially he just helped with pension advice through my employer but I have since started using him for wider financial planning advice for my wife and I, and have been very pleased. Ian is extremely easy to deal with and always follows up promptly with reports and recommendations. He is also accessible and willing to meet or discuss issues as and when required. I can happily recommend him to others.


February 2014

Anne, Watford


Ian is extremely careful, diligent and considerate in executing every aspect of his work.

He often improves his knowledge base by gaining additional qualifications. He is fully prepared when we meet and is very approachable and balanced in his thinking. He is both sympathetic and understanding of my point of view, but guides me, if need be, to the most appropriate financial position. He is endlessly patient and willing, in every way, to help me maintain an adequate structure for my financial future. He does everything to the best of his ability, with a warm sense of humour.


February 2014

Tanya, London


Ian has been my personal financial adviser for some years. He has an understated approach – there is no big sell with Ian – and he is incredibly patient.

He gives me all the information and advice I need and want to enable me to take informed decisions. He understands the type of investor I am and the kinds of financial risks I am willing to take. Most of all I trust him.


October 2014

Anthony, Kent


Ian has been a trusted advisor to our family for over 10 years. Through out this time he has invested time to understand us and our financial needs, and has helped us to make key decisions that continue to shape our lives for the better.


June 2020

Stephen – Yorkshire


Ian is a very effective and plain speaker. He rationalises complex planning comprehensively and thoroughly, and presents information in a friendly and constructive manner.

He listens to objections and will always offer alternative options where feasible. I would commend his effort hitherto, and be happy to recommend Ian to others.


September 2014


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