Blog – April 2021

So Easter is rolling around again and bringing with it the one-year anniversary of the first lockdown in the UK due to COVID. What a year it has been and who can believe what we have all experienced? In our family we are starting the next lot of ‘lockdown’ birthdays – last year we started a lovely tradition of having a facetime call with family where we all have tea and cake at the same time and sing happy birthday – little things like this have made all the difference and we can still feel that we are together as a family even if we are not physically together and that traditions can continue if we adapt them a little.

One positive thing that has come out of the pandemic is the awareness people now have of it being important to be more prepared – I don’t mean having hundreds of loo rolls stored under your bed – but there’s nothing wrong with having a few extra in the cupboard or a pint of milk in the freezer just in case. It’s the same with financial planning – the worrying state of the economy and many business closures and redundancies has also highlighted how essential it is to be as on-top of your finances as much as possible and have the necessary savings or insurance policies to cushion you during rough times.

A lot of people find it understandably daunting to look to the future or they assume things will work out somehow and so they don’t put steps in place which could make their lives much more comfortable. As financial planners we understand that a lot of conversations and decisions about money aren’t actually about money – they are about people’s lives and hopes and worries. Some people may feel that they have left it too late to start financial planning but this isn’t true – it is never too late. One of my favourite Chinese proverbs says ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now’.

There are many different options and directions you can take when planning your financial future and if you engage the help of a professional they can guide and help you choose the right options for you.

Whether you are thinking about retirement, how to help save for the future such as your children’s education or just making the best use of your money, we can help.

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