Blog – March 2021

What a relief that there are finally signs of spring after such a freezing and snowy winter. It really cheers me up to see the first snowdrops poking through and bunches of daffodils starting to appear in supermarkets.

It’s also time for the good old spring clean – I’m quite happy cleaning and organising – which is fortunate as nobody else I share a house with is. My days are a constant blur of picking up and putting away so I was quite interested in the Marie Kondo Method of having a major declutter. Marie Kondo advises that you should only keep things that spark joy and discard things that don’t – whilst this sounds good it’s not something I could fully subscribe to as it seemed an enormous task and so many things that were necessary certainly didn’t spark joy.

An even more extreme version of this is something called Swedish death cleaning – sounds terrifying doesn’t it?! The idea behind this is that not only do you get to enjoy a tidy and decluttered space but it saves your loved-ones having to sort through all your accumulated belongings when you are no longer here.

As morbid as that might sound don’t just dismiss the idea. Not only is it very therapeutic to have a good clear-out but it is such a kind thing to do for your loved-ones – nobody wants that job and it can lead to a lot of worrying and guilt as to what to do with your belongings.

Something that we recommend here at LFP is to have one document containing all of your essential information such as where your will is, who your executors are, what bank accounts you have, where copies of important documents are kept, etc.

We feel this is a vital document and you can easily amend and update it as things in your life change.

Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you would like a copy of our ‘Life Financial Planning Legacy’ document to use and we will pass it on free of charge. Who knows, it may save your loved ones’ time and money, especially if they know which mattress you have stashed your cash under or where you have hidden your bitcoin millions – or even more valuable in our house – what the wifi password is!

(Please note wills are not regulated by the FCA)


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